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This is the official site for the children's picture books, The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman and Searching for Oliver K. Woodman by Darcy Pattison and illustrated by Joe Cepeda. It’s the story of a wooden man who crosses the country to connect a family.

Lesson Plans for Darcy Pattison’s books, including Oliver K. Woodman (click here for zip file)

Oliver K. Woodman featured in many lists of children’s books

Oliver is a GeoBug

olivergeobugGeo-caching is a fun way to find hidden objects using GPS (global positioning systems). Oliver is now a GeoBug !

Welcome, Journeys/Sendaros Textbook folks

The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman is featured in the HMH Textbook, Journeys/Sendaros.
Darcy Pattison is a popular speaker at libraries and schools, even when the weather is bad!

15 minute, Q&A Virtual visits are fun and FREE, via Skype-an-Author.

Email her at darcy at darcypattison dot com. Or Click Here.

Recommended by. . .

Since the release of the paperback version, Oliver has been featured in several lists of recommended books for kids. Here are some representative samples.

  • Texas Librarian Blog: Recommended for Schema: letter writing, traveling across United States, wanting to see relatives that live far away, text-to-self connections with missing relatives who live far away
  • “We can’t think of any book in which people smile as often and as widely as they do in The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman. . . ” Worth the Candle, Hicklebees Independent Bookstore, San Jose, CA
  • Joe Cepeda’s work in this book is described as “virtuoso narrative illustration”. Here’s his bio from Something About the Author:
    “Cepeda, Joe.” Something About the Author. The Gale Group, Inc. 2005. 27 Oct. 2009 .
  • Hatcher, Connie. A Map is Worth A Thousand Words. The Center for Children’s Books.
    Recommended books that include maps and mapping concepts.
  • Book a Trip Activity Guide, Setting the Scene Games. Highsmith, 2007. Includes maps, puzzles, journals, recipes, and more for use in classrooms.
  • Please Touch Musuem: Postcard Stamp Fun. Recommended books for kids about travel and postcards.

Now in Paperback

May, 2009
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman is now available in paperback.

newoliversmallDownload the pattern for Oliver . (pdf)

Note: Illustrator Joe Cepeda has done a new pattern for Oliver for this project; the larger build-an-Oliver pattern is still available in the lesson plans download.

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